Ahnentafel für Belegung 2013-014

"Collies vom Seehain"

Geboren: 28.07.2013

Springmist's Walk On The Wild Side

Walk On Top's Atlas

Old Adam's Lord Dallas

Madcap's Tamburin Man

Madcap's Fortune Key

Madcap's Limbo Light

Old Adam's Alina

Nagijalas Adam

Blitzy Boy's Dinize

Madcap's Belladonna

Mirabackens Knight Commander

Ch. Bhyllsacre Just So

Mirabackens Yearning Look

Madcap's Devine Madness

Moonmade Thundercloud

Greilins My Blue Girl


Ch. Kendrakes Knight Tiger

Ch. Corydon Tiger Tracks

Ch. Corydon Tuck's Tiger

Corydon Megastar

Ch. Kendrakes Phenomena

Brilyn Field Marshall

Fairlines Rare Dream

Brighthills Blizzards Blue Bonnie

El Merino's Call Me Ed

Lynnfield Quincy Jones

El Merino's Backway Trixie

Brighthills Blue Blizzard

Shinewood's Shannon

Brighthills Bright Bonita

Alpha vom Seehain

Springmist's North of the Border

Clarys Yellow Yummy Youngster

Ch. Zinnia's Brazil Carneval

Steadlyn Speedwell

Zinnia's Ruby Tuesday

Clarys Goodly Gold-Mine

Rifflesea Romantical

Clarys Striking Sunbeam

Springmist's Haunted Lady

Road Racing Assik

Ch. Dantos Baron

Byrilstorp's American Sweethart

Ch. Springmist's Love Me Do

Brighthills Black Baron

Fairlines Trouble in Paradise

Bess vom Hahneflüsschen

Kavik vom Ohmtalteufel

Heirlair All Fired Up

Ch. Heirlair Raise a Windstorm

Joius Git it While It's Hot

Black Dayna vom Ohmtalteufel

Ch. Bhyllsacre The Saint

Harmony Queen vom Ohmtalteufel

Black Donna vom Hohen Lohr

Earl von der Heiligen Eiche

Black Fealty vom Ohmtalteufel

Clarelin von der Heiligen Eiche

Anna vom Hohen Lohr

Pascal-Carlo vom Windmühlenblick

Iris vom Kreuzpark

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