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Protagonista Blu di Cambiano

Protagonista Blu di Cambiano









SHSB 647007


Moncor 24.03.2007






neg. 7 Wochen






93.55 % / 6.45 %


Halter: Gallizioli Iren , Rue du Vieux Moulin 5 , 1358 Valeyres/Rances.


Rineweld Scout of Blue Serenade

Fenyoligeti Conelly blue

Ch. Tameila Looking Good

Ch. Tameila Gordon Bennet

Ch. Upperton Blue Brand

Tameila Blue Charm

Giblyng Love Me Blue at Tameila

Alenzone Challenge in Black at Tameila

Giblyng Silver Silhouette

Tameila Blue Flower

Smokey Robinson at Tameila

Ch. Troydon Pebbalmyll at Mybern

Tameila Dark Folly

Delaws Black Satin at Tameila

Pachris Mystic Warrior

Pachris Pocket of Pearls of Delaws

Ch. Rineweld Awantgarde at Sheewena

Ch. Narwick Silver Blue de Cathyja

Flash Black de Cabrenysset

Super Ted of Lynway

Chyta de la Vallezanne

Jewel Bleue du Crêt du Loup

Ch. Forsyd Jones Black de la Jasserie

Geisha Bleue du Crêt du Loup

Ch. Rineweld Claudia Silver Lady

Midnight Man of The Cinliboy House

Ch. Amalie Best Bitter

Snowflake Blu di Cambiano

Silver Dream Blue Priscilla Presley

Sanside Soul Brother

Ch. Silver Dream Blue Kiwi

Brezzolina Blue di Casa Bocci

Quality is Black di Cambiano

Lord-Blue Blue Night

Dornbrae Misty Blue

Ch. Danvis Ladyvale Blue Mist

Danvis Sangreat Sarah May

Franziska Black Blue Night

Ch. Irvingnero di Cambiano

Asta Blue Night

Kick in The Black di Cambiano

Amalie Out of The Blues di Cambiano

Ch. Tameila Gordon Bennet

Linamac Forget Me Not at Amalie

Kick in The Blue di Cambiano

Ch. Incredibly Blu di Cambiano

Ch. New Moon Nera di Cambiano

Jupe Coulotte in Blue di Cambiano

Ch. Amalie Black On Top With Cambiano

Erjon Eyecatcher

Ch. Lynway Sandknocker

Sylcroft Satin Doll

Blossoms Black at Amalie

Ch. Percheron Benjamin Black at Amalie

Warjar Hollyberry at Amalie

Blue Breeze di Cambiano

Lord-Blue Blue Night

Dornbrae Misty Blue

Franziska Black Blue Night

I Can't Stand Black di Cambiano

Incredibly Silver di Cambiano

Amoremioblu di Cambiano

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