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Ahnentafel für Belegung 2014-004

"of Amandelinda"


AVK: 91.94% / COI: 0.1953% / COIR:1.8555%

Whisky Shadow vom Wengerhof

Ch. Camanna Cast A Shadow

Ch. Camanna The Copyist

Ch. Camanna The Craftworker

Juraleen The Jazz Singer at Lynaire

Camanna Coco Chanel

Arranbrook Miss Glittergold at Camanna

Lynaire All in Gold

Arranbrook Angie Babe

Camanna Carmen Miranda

Lynaire Travlin Man

Ch. Silver's Inspiration Xanadu

Ch. Lynaire Silver Cascade

Ch. Camanna Cindy Crawford

Ch. Camanna The Copyist

Mallicot Make Believe at Camanna

Miss Morristones vom Wengerhof

Glen Morristone's Hope Sweet Love

Ch. Xotic Lover of Slatestone

Ch. Riding's Deep in My Heart

Unchain my Heart of Slatestone

Glen Morristone's Together Forever

Glen Morristone's Tequila Sunrise

Glen Morristone's It's Only Me

Dorin vom Wengerhof

Quanto vom Wengerhof

Yocker vom Wengerhof

Barney's Pretty Baby vom Woblitz See

Dana vom Wengerhof

Quasso vom Wengerhof

Ch. Mollie vom Wengerhof

Insomnia vom Haus Rosenpracht

Ch. Amalie Prince of Love

Ch. Lynmead Simply in my Soul

Ch. Amalie Deep In My Soul

Ch. Riding's Deep in My Heart

Ch. Amalie Sweet Surprise

Ch. Lynmead Simply Charming

Amalie Mild Affair

Ch. Lynmead Love Charm at Woodwick

Amalie Loves to Love

Amalie Exotic Lover

Samhaven Made in Devon

Amalie Miss Chanel

Amalie Deeply in Love

Ch. Amalie Deep in My Soul

Mallicot Must Be Love of Amalie

Douce France des Marécages du Prince

Ch. Robbie Williams From Samhaven

Ch. Tour de France des Marécages du Prince to Samhaven

Ch. Samhaven Contradiction

Orageuse et Ténébreuse des Marécages du Prince

Samhaven Charmed

Ch. Amalie Deep in My Soul

Ch. Samhaven Forgotten Charm

Ch. Ame Câline des Marécages du Prince

Ch. Un Amour de Jeunesse des Marécages du Prince

Ch. Samhaven Contradiction

Ch. Carostar Cool And Collected

Amalie Miss Forum

Pepperstone Piccolino

Amalie Designed With Love






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